Initial pieces of this project were funded by two grants from Save The Hills Alliance, in 2016 and 2017. Crawford Stewardship Project (CSP) worked with Legion GIS to explore new, volunteer-driven methods for mapping karst features in Crawford County, Wisconsin. Our objective was to combine open data, geospatial analysis, and basic web tools to generate new karst-related information through citizen engagement.

Out of these efforts, and with further investment from the CSP in subsequent years, we have created this website, Karstology to disseminate some of the data created in the project, and to hold and display new geospatial datasets related to karst geology as they become available.

Volunteer Activities

Upon taking stock of the data that we had available, and the resources we could put toward analyzing it, we came up with three different activities that would each improve our karst-related data in a different way.